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LAf DAnce SAloon

Since 2014 LAf DAnce SAloon (neé LAp DAnce SAloon) has fostered hundreds of New York's finest comedians.  Helmed by the effervescent and energetic Jeffrey Emerson, it began as monthly show at Fresh Salt Restaurant & Bar located at the tip of Manhattan.  In 2015, LAf DAnce SAloon moved to New York's East Village where it found a home at HiFi Bar on 1st Ave.  In addition to its new home, a new producer joined the LAf DAnce crew, Jill Weiner. 

Together Jeffrey and Jill grew the show to a weekly comedy revelry featuring comedians from Colbert, Fallon, Conan, SNL, as well as highlighting NYC's best up-and-comers!  Hifi was sold in the fall of 2017, but that didn't stop LAf DAnce SAloon.  Just down the street, Jeffrey and Jill found their third home at Bar 2A.  By 2020 they had produced over 200 standing-room-only shows, but then the pandemic hit and LAf DAnce SAloon's stage went dark. 

But now in 2022 comedians, producers, and all around fun-lovers Jeffrey Emerson and Jill Weiner are back with a new weekly location at Ba'sik Bar in Williamsburg.  Check out the events page and register for the next LAf Dance SAloon!!

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